The Friends of Roland Run volunteers Ernie Shea (center), with Jennifer Ehrhardt and Janet Daley with Cody Mattes,Water Quality Program Senior Coordinator for Blue Water Baltimore look at a display showing how the stormwater and sewer systems work. Subsequent to our discussion of how the two systems work, the Friends and Blue Water walked the Roland Run north of Greenspring Drive to Business Drive taking water samples to determine the source(s) of pollutants.

FORR gets results from its Roland Run walk and screening

BWB heard back from the county, they investigated the outfall and have confirmed the water leak and tracked it back to its source. They are now in the process of getting the leak repaired. Very exciting to find and bring attention to the problem, thanks to you and your group for all your help!

Cody Matteson

Water Quality Program Senior Coordinator

Blue Water Baltimore

From BWB statement:
We will be surveying a section of Roland Run, which is a tributary to the Jones Falls.

What to expect:
If it does NOT rain in the next 48 hours
we will be putting on waders and getting into the stream. We will be looking for what we call “illicit discharges” coming out of the stormwater system. We will use different instruments and methods to collect samples and take water quality measurements.

If we do receive any rain in the next 48 hours, this event will transition from being an Outfall Screening Blitz to a Stream Walk and Talk event. We will discuss different types of pollutants and how they are entering into Baltimore City / County’s stormwater/ sewer system and waterways. Instead of getting into the stream we will stroll along Roland Run next to the stream. This is a bit different from our past events where we would just cancel the event after precipitation. But rain or shine, we would still like to see you and connect you with one of our great streams that runs through the Baltimore region!

Friends of Roland Run volunteers and Blue Water Baltimore traverse the Roland Run
Friends or Roland Run volunteer, Ernie Shea, works with ,Cody Matteson Water Quality Program Senior Coordinator for Blue Water Baltimore. to take water samples from a out-flow pipe along the Roland Run. The pipe is discharging water from the business area of the Roland Run/Greenspring Drive
Blue Water Baltimore scientist, Cody Matteson Water Quality Program Senior Coordinator for Blue Water Baltimore, inspecting this out-flow pipe bringing storm water into the Roland Run